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Posting Photos

To display a photo, you will need to have the image hosted on some server on the web. This can be either your own website or any of a number of free photo hosting websites. Here are two:

Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) include 5-15 megs of webspace in your monthly internet access charges. You will have to call to get the details and to activate it, but that is a great source of 'Hotlinkable' webspace most people don't think of using for storing and linking their photos.  (See Photobucket photo posting instruction below.)

To upload a photo or file on the forum, in the "post message" or "reply" window click on the "Browse" button at the bottom, and select a file from your hard drive, then click "Upload". This will host your photo on the server where someone can click on it and download the photo. It will not display on the forum, there will only be a link to it.

If you would like to see a user tutorial on how to use your board settings, you can find it here:

Photobucket Picture Posting Directions: 

Pictures have to be saved on a different server than the gold forum. 
One place to use is 
It's easy to use and is free. You will have to open an account. 

Once you have your account set up you can create separate albums for different subjects. But I have found it is a lot easier and faster to just use the "upload" feature without creating albums and it puts all your photos in the same general album. They will display at the bottom of the page

Use the "browse" feature located in the large box to find the picture on your computer that you want to upload. Now click "Upload". Pretty simple.

Now that you have the picture uploaded to Photobucket you can scroll down and see it. 

Notice that there are three choices you can make, which are located just below the picture.

It will look like this: 


If you are already used to posting pictures on the forum you can use the "URL" tag in the same way as before. For ease and speed I would suggest just using the "IMG" tag. You can highlight the css code with your mouse and do a "control-c" on your computer keyboard. This copies the code.

Now go to the forum. With your message window open, click anywhere you want the image to appear and do a "control-v" on your keyboard to paste in the selected code.

This will cause the picture to be displayed without the trouble of using the BbCode on the board.

You can preview the message if you click the "preview box" on the right of the function buttons. Post the message. If you have clicked "preview" and the post is acceptable, you will now have to actually post it. Click "Send".

That's all there is to it. Photobucket is an easy place to use and is free. 

Please try to size your photos to a reasonable size before posting them on the forum. It really takes up a lot of bandwidth and slows down the forums if the pictures are too large.


Other Helpful Information:

I have found that if you do not log out, the software remembers you and you are automatically logged in the next time you access the forum. But if you use more than one computer and do not log out, It may tell you you cannot log in because that log in name is already being used.

So far, this has not happened to me and when I get on another computer it just seems to recognize that I am already logged in.

When you register you will show up on the member list immediately. In the past you did not show on the member list until you made your first post.

Who's online "Visible" status:

The "Visible" designation beside your name in "who's online" simply means that you can be seen by others, it is a toggle, if you click it once, you will only show to others as "Invisible". They will not be able to see you, I will still be able to see you though. You can only see the "Visible" or "Invisible" status on your own name, other people will appear to you with just their name.


If you want to set a small picture as an Avatar under your name, like the one to the left of the message box. It must be hosted somewhere on the web. Then you go into your "user control panel" and choose "settings", scroll down to "personal picture URL", and insert the URL to your pic. Then right below that you will need to insert the actual pic dimensions that your avatar is. If you don't do this, it will distort the pic when it is displayed. The largest pic you can insert is 100x100 pixels.

Problems logging in or registering:

I have no control over these features. If you are having a problem Best Boards, who hosts the Gold Forum, has the best tech support staff around. Just go to the URL below and post your problem and they will address it immediately.