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Prospectors Equipment
Alaska Mining and Diving Supply


Product Reviews
First thoughts on the Minelab GP Extreme


Gold Prospecting
Miner Problems Part 1-2-3

Gold Placer Definitions

Our Own Mining Claim
A Paystreak in Slate
An Expensive Lesson

Georgia Gold Rush

Gold in Tailings


Relic Hunting
When Men's Hearts Beat Faster

Are You A Treasure Hunter

Detecting Coldfoot Alaska

A Strangers Happiness

A Living Ghost Town


The Old Timers
Dahlonega Gold Rush


Winter Night Horror

Gold Dredging
Dredging the Outside Bend
National Forest Regulations
Dredge Clean-up


Prospecting Tips
The scoop on prospecting in Alaska
Mercury...Who Needs It?

Sampling High Benches

Bush Rat Gear List

Low Water Sniping

Bedrock Tool


Cache Hunting

How To....

Form An LLC For Mining Claims

Triple sluice troubleshooting

Gold Panning Instructions
Reading Dredge Tailings
Dredge Pump Prime

Marshmallow Coins


Metal Detecting
Ganes Creek Nugget Adventure
Ganes Creek Experience

Nuggets in Bedrock


Where to Go
Report on Deadwood Creek
Black Rapids

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